Lunch Zone Sponsor

Exclusive position

There are several zones at the Forum provided for meals of participants. Lunch zone is the most visited one of them. During the day it is visited by more than 1000 participants.

  • Status of Lunch Zone Sponsor of the ATOMEXPO 2016 Forum;
  • Full-color advertising module in Official Forum Catalog (1 page);
  • Placing advertising structures in hall for coffee breaks and lunches of the Forum participants Business Program (structures are provided by the Sponsor subject to agreement with the Organizer and in accordance with technical requirements);
  • References to Sponsor Official Forum Highlights edition (1000 copies);
  • Placing a logo and/or mention of the Sponsor:
    - in Official Forum Catalog in the section “Sponsors of the Forum” with an indication of status (1000 copies);
    - on Official Forum Website with a hyperlink to the Sponsor’s website;
    - on external and internal advertising surfaces at the Forum;
  • Opportunity for branding napkins to be used in the lunch zone;
  • Providing Sponsor with 2 delegate badges, granting access to all Forum events.


Price: 6,000 EUROS*

*All prices are subject to 18% VAT.