Welcoming word General director of World Nuclear Association Agneta Rising to participants of the International Forum ATOMEXPO 2016

Dear participants and guests of the ATOMEXPO Forum!

Globally, nuclear energy is growing. In 2015 nearly 10 GW of new nuclear capacity started supplying electricity, that’s more than double the average capacity connected each year in the previous decade. We need to build on that acceleration..

The need for access to affordable and reliable electricity supplies is growing as the global population increases and countries seek to develop their economies and improve the living standards of their citizens.

The World Nuclear Association has developed its own vision for the future of electricity, Harmony. Harmony envisages meeting the world’s growing demand for electricity with a diverse mix of low carbon generating technologies deployed in such a manner that the benefits of each are maximised while the negative impacts are minimised. Our target for nuclear energy is to provide 25% of electricity in 2050, requiring roughly 1000 GWe of new nuclear capacity to be constructed - depending on other factors like reactor retirements and electricity demand growth.

Achieving 1000 GWe of new build by 2050 will require a cooperative effort by many industry players in many fields of activity. Rather than focusing on technology, it is vital that the global industry identifies and focuses on demolishing the real barriers to growth.

The global nuclear industry - and all its surrounding stakeholders - should seek to realise a  level playing field where countries introduce technology neutral market frameworks that permit all low-carbon technologies, valuing not only levelised costs, but also system reliability and environmental benefits.

We should work towards harmonised regulatory processes. Realising benefits from global codes & standards and more efficient licensing of current and new technology.

And we need to develop an effective safety paradigm that increases genuine public wellbeing by reducing emissions from polluting sources, and ensures high nuclear safety standards are met.

I am certain that AtomExpo will provide an excellent opportunity to identify and focus on solution-oriented responses and seek to unite the whole nuclear community – from research, government, regulation, design, operation, decommissioning and waste management – to play their respective roles towards a common goal to ensure that nuclear can contribute to a reliable, affordable and clean electricity generation mix.

Agneta Rising, General Director of World Nuclear Association